We Found A Home For My Brother

May 9, 2018
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May 9, 2018

When my brother was being discharged from the hospital and rehab on Friday, the 13th  of November, 2015, I was at my wits end trying to figure where he could go and what we could afford.   I did the usual running to every assisted living in Portsmouth, but I stopped after visiting Mayfair House.


The administrator and staff were so calming, professional, and positive.  They visited and assessed my brother at the rehab facility, and on Friday, the 13th, he was welcomed to Mayfair House.   Everyone there was so accommodating and kind.  You see, my brother had been living independently alone before that day.  But our family  found comfort in knowing he was well cared for, and we could sleep at night with no worries about his care.


My brother has lived at Mayfair house now for two and a half years.  He loves living at Mayfair House and calls it "HOME."  His quality of life has improved exponentially since he arrived at Mayfair.  On that Friday the 13th(!!), he was grossly underweight;  he is now at average weight.  He loves his room (and so do I) where he can watch movies, write poems, listen to his music, and enjoy the beautiful courtyard.  He also likes the birthday parties, entertainment, and worship services that they arrange for the residents.  Plus the facility has beautiful decor and the grounds are landscaped with seasonal flowers all throughout the year.  No wonder they have been votes "The Best Assisted Living Facility" through the Virginian-Pilot's Best Awards for the last several years.


I cannot say enough good about Mayfair House.  If you are looking for an assisted living for a family member or friend, I encourage you to take a tour of The Mayfair House with the Administrator, Mrs. Linda Moore, BSW, MHA.

~ Carol Rowe